Tuesday 18 January 2022

Is Your Refrigerator Running? - Verizon

 Is Your Refrigerator Running?



Guy on the phone...

                   'I can't hear you'...

                   'Where are you even calling me from? Mt Everest? geeez...'

                   'Speak louder.... loooouder...'

                   'Try holding the phone closer to the sky... or closer to the ground...'

                    'Take you're phone, skip in into the lake like you would skip a stone,
                     because the fish wouldn't even use it on your sappy network...'

                    'Jump and speak, jump and speak...'

French Telemarketer appears,

                    'Does this happen to you? Are you tired of really bad phone carriers?'

Goes to speak to the guy who's jumping and speaking...

                    'Ever thought to switch it up? You know, switch the switch on,
                    on that switch, switchboard...'
(As the huge switchboard appears; the Telemarketer picks the switch labeled 'Veriz')


                    'ah... this ought to do it...'

The guy turns the switch to 'ON'

                   'Can You Hear Me Now? Good.'

French Telemarketer, pointing to the switch...

                   'Yes, with Veriz 'On', you can rest assured,
                    you are heard loud and clear... even by the fish...'

The fish making prank calls...
                 'Is your refrigerator running?'

                'Then you better go catch it...'

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