Tuesday 18 January 2022

Elephant House Cream Soda - Sri Lanka

Elephant House Cream Soda 

 The opening scene is of a heavenly tree with Cream Soda bottles. A bottle falls from the tree and commences the journey through birds and clouds. On Earth, a marathon runner is at the start of the marathon in Africa, and sees the Elephant heading towards the lake just as the race commences and so he starts running. He starts running this extremely long race which runs through many landscapes and cities as the bottle falls in vertigo as the runner runs through cities and hills, a great distance. The bottle finally reaches Earth, into a lake, the lake where the elephant was drinking at, which turns into Cream Soda. The elephant drinks the cream soda, smiling enjoyingly. The shot, zooms into the elephant’s eye, which turns into a doorknob. The shot zooms out as the door opens into a room which the marathon runner walks in; exhausted after the huge marathon around the world. Sits on his couch, kicks open a minifridge, takes a bottle of cream soda, cracks it open, and gulps it down. 

 Tagline, ‘Ali Thibahakete...’ (Sinhala) Elephant House Cream Soda - The Giant Thirst Quencher.

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